Rohan Private Server – 2Rohan !

Server host : Taiwan

server status : ONLINE and HEALTHY !

Ping : 250-300 (pakai speedy)delay dikit lah kyk xor rohan

Exp rate =x50

crone rate=x10

drop chance rate= cukup tinggi,lebih tinggi dari pada xor rohan(ol 6 jam = 20 biji ses )ITEM MALL SCROLL/2x EXP Scroll RANDOM RATE DROP IN ALL MOBS !!

Forging rate = High , never failed forging Orange items,failed once forging yellow items among 15 pieces.

lgsg cek websitenya

register :

Patch bahasa inggris :

no password🙂

sedot patch di : (hanya 7MB,timpa di client Rohan indo PURE ! )

ayo join semua teman” !

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