PTI Chapter 6

Assignment from Mr.Tridjoko Wahdjono

True/ False
1. True                       
2. True                         
3. False                       
4. True                       
5. False                     
6. False                       
7. True
8. False
9. False
Multiple Choice
1. D
2. B                         
3. A                         
4. D      
6. B
7. C
1. B                         
2. G                       
3. D                       
4. J                       
5. E                      
6. A
7. H
8. F
9. I
10. C
Short Answer
1. -Resolution is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display device. The greater the number of pixels the camera uses to capture a picture, the better the quality of the picture. Thus, the higher the resolution, the better the picture quality.
– the bigger the size of the LCD monitor or screen then the higher the resolution of the monitor
2. HDTV features:
– working with digital broadcast signal transmitting digital sound ,supporting wide screens provide resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels
– the console game user often use television for it’s output by connecting the device video port on the television.
3. –The two type of printing technology are Bluetooth and Infrared.
– With Bluetooth printing, a computer or other device transmits output to a printer via radio waves.  The computer or other device and the printer do not have to be aligned with each other; rather, they need to be within an approximate 30-foot range. while infrared printing, a printer communicates with a computer or other device using infrared light waves. To print from a smart phone, for example, a user lines up the IrDA port on the smart phone with the IrDA port on the printer.
4. -An ink-jet printer is a type of nonimpact printer that forms characters and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink onto a piece of paper.
– Difference usage of dye-sublimation printer for professional user to house or office user are that Professional applications requiring high image quality, such as photography studios, medical labs, and security identification systems, use dye-sublimation printers and these high-end printers cost thousands of dollars and print images in a wide range of sizes.
while  dye-sublimation printers for the home or small business user, by contrast, typically print images in only one or two sizes and are much slower than their professional counterparts. These lower-end dye-sublimation printers are comparable in cost to a photo printer based on ink-jet technology.
5. -Most surround sound computer speaker systems include one or two center speakers and two or more satellite speakers that are positioned so that sound emits from all directions. 
 -Audio resolution, which is the number of bytes that represent sound in a given time, is stated as a bit rate there are 3 type of bit rate such as 8-bit, 16-bit, or 24-bit.

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