Tugas PTI chapter 3

This task is given by my PTI lecturer, Mr. Tri Djoko Wahjono .


PTI Bab 3

I.True or False

1.F          7.T

2.F          8.F

3.F          9.T

4.T          10.T

5.T          11.T

6.T          12.T

II.Multiple choices

1.A         5.C

2.A         6.B

3.B          7.C

4.C          8.B


1.I           6.L

2.E          7.A

3.J           8.G

4.B          9.K

5.D         10.C

IV.Short Answer

1. *The utility programs which maintenance the computer’s operation help us to monitor the wrong things in our computer like bad sectors, malwares, and anything else which make our computers do not work optimally.the example of this kind of software is Ccleaner.

*The utility programs which maintenance the devices.This kind of utility programs monitor the hardwares in the computer.It detects the temperature of each hardware, and the stability of each of the hardware.The example of this kind of programs is Game Booster which shows the rpm of motherboard’s fans,VGA and RAM’s temperature,and any other useful informations.

*the utility programs which maintenance the software.This kind of utility programs help us to detect any corrupted file or serious error in a software.Sometimes it helps us to fix the errors immediately.But if it couldn’t fix it, it will suggest us to check it online.

-Malware is a program that acts without a user’s knowledge and deliberately alters the computer’s operations. A computer virus is a type of malicious software.Malware causes many problems in a computer users’ life.But we can anticipate or fix this by using the utility programs as I mentioned above.

2.Presentation softwares allow users to do their presentation with some features like slide shows,arranged word and design which makes the presentation not boring the attendants, and the users can insert image,music,or video which is  related to the presentation’s topic which will help the presentation easier to be understood by the attendants.The users also able to insert tables,charts and etc to give more information in the presentation.

-People might use the images,audio-clips,video-clips, and photos to enhance the multimedia presentation

3.Travel and Mapping softwares used by connecting the software with the satellite.It will show your location and the direction to your destination.It is provided with the step by step to reach your destination and it usually tells the user about the distance for the steps.

-Wikipedia,Ensiklopedia,Dictionary.com,and etc

4.a training with instructions to do every step for something.Like a flight simulation to train the pilots to fly in various conditions and environments,so the pilots would be more flexible in practical.With the CBT provides the complete instructions.The users might easily learn it without any instruction from other people, that’s also why the CBT categorized as a program which consists of self-directed, self-paced instructions program.

Examples : -People use CBT programs to do flight simulations

-Beginning athletes use CBT programs to learn the intricacies of many sports.

5.so many websites offer web-based training,some of them need payment to make the course completed.web-based training is very popular in business zone,industry, or teaching department.People can learn and train their skills from internet without need to come to the training places.

-We can enhance communications in e-learning by using Video multi chat,e-mail,chat rooms,and etc.


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